Spelling Quest Online

How-to play

  • At any point in time you have 7 tiles in your tray.
  • Arrange these tiles on the board to spell new words.
  • New words must be connected to existing words or connected to the special start square.
  • Earn points based on which and how many tiles you use.
  • Access the main menu from the icon on the top-left.
  • Create an account to compete on the leaderboard and join/create your own games.


  • You can click and drag tiles from your tray onto the board.
  • You can click and drag on the board to see other parts of the board.
  • Through the main menu you can enable keyboard controls:
    Arrow keys or left-click Move your cursor
    Spacebar or left-click on cursor Change the direction your cursor moves after placing a tile
    Enter Play a word
    1 Shuffle your tray
    A-Z Place a tile from your tray at your cursor
    Backspace Move your cursor back, removing any placed tile
    Delete Remove any placed tile under your cursor

Team battle rules

  • Each player is randomly assigned a team.
  • Each team starts in a different corner of the map.
  • You can not play moves that touch tiles of a different team.

Competitive mutliplayer rules

  • The board is limited to two players and each game lasts 5 minutes.
  • You are provided suggestions of words that you have the tiles to make.
  • Special bonus tiles are generated on moves that score a large number of points and last for a limited time.
  • Quests and tile-swapping are disabled.